Expense Reduction

Expense Reduction

The discipline of cost productivity improves both the customer experience and shareholder returns.

Many organizations make a one-time reset to quickly reduce costs, IN8 Group cost productivity experts go further.  We leverage expertise, technology and economies of scale that will support the organization to  adopt policies and align behaviors to accelerate a sustainable advantage - delivering savings in terms of operating expenditures and valuable employee time. 





The telecommunications industry is a dynamic marketplace. Technologies are constantly changing, which can easily lead to confusion. Let us do the work for you.

Audit your landline, long distance, toll-free, fax, Internet and wireless services to identify cost savings, increase efficiency and recover billing errors.

We negotiate directly with telecom companies on your behalf to ensure you are receiving the best services at the best possible price. Our risk-free recommendations, implementations and continued monitoring allow you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Merchant Fee's & Processing


Credit and debit card processing is often referred to as merchant services. In such an over saturated market, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Let us clear up the confusion. We have developed robust analysis tools that identify and eliminate many of the fees associated with accepting payment cards. Our systematic auditing will reduce your electronic payment processing spend and improve services.

  • Uncover and eliminate hidden fees
  • Identify and recover overcharges & billing errors
  • Select and apply appropriate rate categories
  • Ensure government legislation is properly applied

80% of our clients achieve 28% in implemented savings without having to change processors or switch equipment.

Small Package Shipping & Courier


Small Package Shipping and Courier costs are steadily on the rise, and invoices for shipping services can be hundreds of pages long. The charges can be confusing and onerous to track.

We provide practical solutions to reduce small package shipping and courier costs through billing error recovery, service guarantees, optimized pricing, and cost-effective shipping practices.


  • Are your fuel surcharges and taxes calculated correctly?
  • Do you receive optimum discount rates for each individual shipment?
  • Are there charges on your bills from time to time that should not be there for things like signature verification, residential destinations, over sized shipments, overnight shipments that weren’t delivered on time, etc.

Plus, we’re completely independent of all small package shippers and couriers, so we’re only motivated to help you! Let us take those invoices off your desk so you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Waste Removal Expense


Waste disposal is a dirty, yet necessary, part of doing business. Every company requires it, but few have the time to monitor the associated costs on an ongoing basis. It’s not an easy job if you aren’t familiar with the industry.

We are the waste expense reduction experts. Using robust analysis tools to identify unnecessary charges and fees, while our expert recommendations can improve service while saving you money.

Our analysis includes examination and optimization of:

  • Rate structures
  • Disposal schedules
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Waste disposal equipment

Are your receptacles being emptied too often, or not often enough? Are you paying fuel surcharges for disposal at a far-off destination when there are closer alternatives available to you? Are your prices increasing multiple times a year?


Risk-free Engagement

 We work on a gain-sharing basis. Your organization will enjoy a risk-free assessment with a minimal time and resource investment required by your knowledge workers. 

Ongoing Value

Every quarterly billing cycle our team of subject matter experts will prepare a Post-Audit report for your review calculating your savings versus the benchmark, refund any billing errors and present any additional opportunities to increase your savings. 


We are able to support our customers with service delivery excellence because we have built the infrastructure and staff for that purpose. This gives us the unique ability to not only co-author a road map to realize operational excellence aligned with your culture, but actually ensure the benefits are realized. 

Business Intelligence

 Leveraging our expertise with technology to drive performance and process enhancements with ongoing analytics.  We analyze how communications are being used as an operational asset and provide reporting tools for your organization. 

Change Management

 80% of our customers retain their current vendors at a lower cost.  The 20% that do switch suppliers will have experts to manage the transition to make it a seamless process as possible. 

Project Based Consulting Services

 As your business and the technology landscape evolves, our team of experts and LSS assessment resources are available on a project basis.  We support any project that involves communications, such as establishing a call center, or a migration to VoIP.  Further, we support the process evaluation of labor intensive procurement activities, such as print and mail room efficiencies. 

A few of our Valued Clients


"A perennial challenge for CFO's is finding the right balance between spending and investing without hampering productivity and competitiveness.  In the mobile age, this balancing act is more important than ever if companies want to stay one step ahead of disruptors.”

The CFO Imperative: Next-Gen Technology Drives Cost Optimization Feb 2017